Singing can be challenging! Your voice doesn’t sound the way you would like it to sound and you don’t know how to fix it? At Vocal Coach Barcelona we know how to help you.

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Vocal Coach Barcelona specialises at voice lessons and vocal technique for singers of all ages and levels. We believe that every voice is unique and different, that’s why our lessons are tailored to each singer depending on the age, skills, goals and needs.


Private lessons are the perfect chance to experience, learn vocal technique and how to apply it to songs, and design a practice plan to improve every day. +info


Shared lessons join 2 students of similar age, level and style. In each class we’ll work on vocal technique, singing duets and harmonies, and we’ll design a practice plan to improve every day. +info

Flamenco singing

¿Did you ever think about learning more about flamenco and flamenco singing, and you are willing to learn?

Flamenco singing lessons at Vocal Coach Barcelona follow the same method that has been always used in flamenco: oral transmission.


Vocal coaching lessons are perfect for singers who want to prepare auditions, performances or recordings. We’ll focus on the songs that you want to sing, and work on the artistic aspects and find the best vocal technique to shine on your performances.  +info


Do you want to sing in a modern vocal ensemble? Do you like vocal harmonies? Come sing with us! +info


Give voice lessons! Sometimes talent needs a little push. +info

  • I never thought I would sing songs like the songs that I’ve worked with Maria. Through a set of technical, breathing and interpretation aspects I managed to find my voice and amaze myself. I’ve sung songs of all kinds and styles that did not know. Maria complete each of the songs instantly with the necessary arrangements for my needs and goals. The songs always accompanied on the piano and adding the necessary interpretation to give the right color. I am very satisfied with the results.

    Maria Garcia
  • It’s been a couple of years ago that we have Maria as the director of our Gospel Choir in Vallromanes, and as director of our children’s choir. In both cases, working with both children and adults, Maria has the ability to unite the group and make the best of each. Her professionalism, energy and good humor make anyone want to miss a class. She teaches, gives confidence and makes you enjoy every class. We could not have a better choir director.

    Mireia Núñez de Prado
  • With Maria I have learned that the best of your voice comes from relaxation and breathing, she really knows how to get the best of this fascinating instrument.

    Micky Laborde
  • Maria is a professional of the singing with an enviable track record. I have had the privilege of working with her on numerous occasions and the result has always been a success. As a teacher she has an extensive training which allows her to transmit to her students exactly what they need. At the same time she has the ability to connect in a personal and unique way. We all are lucky that now she has decided to open her own vocal studio, a great luck for those who from now on decide to receive training with her! You all are very lucky!

    Bibiana Morales