With the right vocal technique you’ll be able to:

  • Increase your vocal range
  • Sing high notes
  • Breathe correctly and efficiently
  • Master all vocal registers
  • Eliminate tensions and bad habits
  • Gain agility and flexibility with the vocal cords
  • Know the different stylistic resources to sing any musical style
  • Work on interpretation and expression of the songs
  • Gain confidence to sing in public
  • And much more!

At the semi private voice lessons, singers learn hand to hand with another singer and they have great opportunities to sing duets and harmonies.

Each lesson has the following format:

We’ll begin with warm up and vocal technique exercises to get your voice ready to sing.

These exercises help us achieve the vocal result that we are looking for and they also help us to prepare a homework plan to practise at home. Then we’ll prepare your own repertoire where we’ll apply to the songs all the work done with the vocal technique exercises. Finally, we’ll work on artistic aspects focused on a live performance.

Modern singing 150€/month (1 hour every week)

Classical singing 150€/month  (1 hour every week)