Because all voices deserve to be heard!

If you are passionate about vocal harmonies and want to be part of a modern vocal ensemble, come have a try.
We are sure you and your voice can make the difference in our group.

Because all voices deserve to be heard!

To sing among other people is one of the most pleasant sensations.
It is a way to create the most pure art through human interactions.
The Vocal Coach Barcelona Ensemble is a modern choir, that puts emphasis in details such as color,
filling of voices, phrasing, interpretation of style and rhythm, based on vocal arrangements to a cappella or with some accompaniment.

This is for you if you:
-Love to work in groups or want to learn it better 🙂
-Feel more secure singing with more people
-…love to sing, of course!
What to expect from the classes?
-We will work on actual genres adapted to different voices
-Dynamic classes, always working in the connection between the voice and the body
-We will work the harmonic ear and the sense of listening according to the general sound

Why choose The Vocal Coach Barcelona?
The VCB was founded by Maria Millet, a spanish singer with several certifications of vocal teaching from NY, Brazil and Spain.
In our school, teachers are not only brilliant singers, but they really know how to teach with the best techniques and plenty of love.

80€/monthly - 2h a week

I already feel part of this ensemble!

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