The way we teach is to make the act of singing simple.

Our method consists of:

If we lose our fears and learn how to breath, to connect with body and
to use our voice in the right way, the act of singing becomes really simple. This is our goal.
Of course: to reach it, is important to learn, to hear and to practice.
The Vocal Coach Barcelona is based on the New York Vocal Coaching Inc and Modern Vocal Training Institute methods,
where Maria Millet, our founder, was trained.

At Vocal Coach Barcelona you will be able to:

Increase your vocal range
Sing high notes
Breathe correctly and efficiently
Master all vocal registers
Eliminate tensions and bad habits
Gain agility and flexibility with the vocal cords
Know the different stylistic resources to sing any musical style
Work on interpretation and expression of the songs
Gain confidence to sing in public
+ Countless advantages, like feeling more confident, healed and energized.

The Vocal Coach Barcelona Experience

Free workshops

To help our students dive into the music world, we offer a series of workshops to complement the trainings.


We also organize concerts to make people experience their artistic side on a stage.

Recording an album with us

From time to time, we record an album with our students, to materialize all the work we do together!
We train, accompany, support and inspire our students.
Our team is totally available to answer questions, to help the students with their own projects and to share precious tips that makes totally the difference!