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Piano for singers is focused on those singers who want to learn to accompany themselves and to be able to read and study songs more efficiently.
With these classes you will acquire the skills of a tool as useful as the piano, completely focused on singers.

Piano for singers 1

We will start from zero so that the classes are adjusted to the needs of each singer.
You will acquire the basic skills to develop yourself on the piano with ease. We will work on basic harmony, rhythmic accompaniment patterns, piano technique, and how to use the piano to create our own vocal warm-ups.

Piano for singers 2

For those singers who have already completed the first level, or who already have a piano base.
We will further develop harmony, rhythmic accompaniment patterns, piano technique, and how to create vocal warm-up exercises.


This class is for singers with little or no notions of music theory. For those choir singers or soloists who want to be able to understand a sheet music and to be able to speak with other musicians.
We will explore the fundamentals of music theory: reading notes on the staff, key and bars, clefs, note values, chords, rhythm, and terminology.
You will quickly learn to speak the language of music, with good information to start your way in the world of musical language, as well as establish all the knowledge you have from previous music classes.


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(Live Online)

Piano y Solfeo59€

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