Finding your own voice is a way to access a new power
if your dream is to learn or develop the specific techniques that the Classical Sing demands, we got it covered! 🙂
Breathing, placement through vocalizations, posture and vocal onset are some of the knowledge you will acquire.
We will make you sound beautiful, as the Classical Sing deserves to be heard.

Finding your own voice is a way to access a new power

It doesn't matter if you are the shower singer or if you lost count of how many times you have been onstage,
singing is a never-ending learning process, and this feels so good!
Our classes are tailored based on your level, goals and spirit.
So we will create a master plan to make you sing and sound the way you want!

This is for you if you:

-Have zero or a lot of experience
-Want to find a new way to express yourself
-Think that music is one of the best things in the world
-Aim to learn in a friendly and fun ambience

What will you learn:

-Increase your vocal range and sing high notes
-Breath correctly and efficiently
-Master all vocal registers
-Eliminate tensions and bad habits
-Gain agility and flexibility with the vocal cords
-Know the different stylistic resources to sing any musical style
-Work on interpretation and expression of the songs
-Gain confidence to sing in public
And many more things that are impossible to put in words 🙂

What to expect from the sessions?

-Warm-up exercises
-Vocal Techniques
-Tips to practice at home
-Repertoire of songs
-Confidence and artistic aspects to act in public
– Feeling of joy and healing

Why choosing The Vocal Coach Barcelona?
The VCB was founded by Maria Millet, a spanish singer with several certifications of vocal teaching from NY, Brazil and Spain.
In our school, teachers are not only brilliant singers, but they really know how to teach with the best techniques and plenty of love.

Private Sessions160€
160€/monthly - 1h a week

Can't find what you're looking for?

Can't find what you're looking for?